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Cuba. The Caribbean’s biggest gem.

We’ve been organising group tours, holiday packages, tailor made holidays and semi-independent holidays to Cuba for over 25 years. So we know the island intimately and offer you the very best the country has to offer.

Cuba is gifted with unspoiled Spanish colonial heritage architecture, and a resilient people passionate about music and dance. It’s friendly, safe and vibrant, and caught in a time warp since 1959 when the charismatic Fidel Castro took power.

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Discovering Cuba

CubaNowhere else in the Caribbean is there such an intoxicating combination of endless palm fringed beaches, colonial heritage, Latin American culture, spectacular scenery, rich animal and bird life and some of the friendliest people, whose passion for music and dance is legendary. The unique backdrop to this tropical paradise is the fact that Cuba is still strongly socialist and this combination ensures an unforgettable experience.

Rugged conifer-covered mountains rolling down to fertile plains and miles of white sandy beaches. Plantations of sugar cane and tobacco stretching into the distance dominated by the tall swaying palm trees.

Mile upon mile of deserted roads reaching into the island, their tranquillity only disturbed by the clip of horses hooves as they pull their heavy load or the roar of a 1950's American car whose engine is kept running by hope rather than spare parts.

Weathered campesinos sitting in a creaking old rocking chair, surveying the scene, all the time puffing on a titanic Havana cigar.

Glorious cities with their fading and crumbling facades. Streets alive with people all seeming to be there without purpose, just watching the world go by or discussing the latest baseball game, an obsession with most Cubans. The sound of salsa permanently in the air with young people gathering along the Malecon, at the weekend in Havana, to celebrate their passion for music and rum.


Cuba is like nowhere else in the Caribbean. Cuba is Cuba.

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CubaThe decaying, genteel colonial facades of old Havana are happily now being preserved as UNESCO has recognised the city as a World Heritage Site.

A network of narrow streets, overlooked by balconies decorated with intricate patterns of wrought ironwork, cross the old city opening out into small squares fringed by grand houses and glorious churches unable to hide their Spanish heritage. Peep through the doorways of the old houses and often you will see intimate little courtyards, dark and cool in the sultry heat.

Joining the old city to modern Havana is the Malecon Promenade, which stretches along the sea front from Morro Castle. Many of the old American cars, lovingly looked after by their owners, can be seen driving along the Malecon. Pure ingenuity keeps these fascinating old cars on the road.

A tunnel under the Almandares River takes the Malecon into the garden suburb of Miramar with tree-lined boulevards, luxurious mansions, embassies and boutiques.

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Varadero has to be seen to be believed. Just two hours from Havana, its white sandy beaches, lapped by a blue translucent sea, stretch for miles along a narrow peninsula that reaches out into the Florida Straits

The resort appeals to both those who just want to relax and to the sports enthusiast, who can play tennis, go sailing and fishing or even try scuba diving.

Wherever you stay in Varadero you will be close to the beach and the relaxed nightlife creates a perfect ambience in the resort with restaurants, cabarets and nightclubs.

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Western Cuba

Located in the Verdant Valley with dramatic limestone outcrops is the village of Vinales. These limestone hills, or mogotes, rise up from the valley floor and are covered in lush vegetation.

The region is very fertile and an important crop, for both Vinales and Cuba, is tobacco. Plantations stretch into the valleys and the air is heavy with the pleasant aroma of tobacco leaf waiting to be processed into world famous Havana cigars.

In the east of the province, the mountainous Sierra del Rosario Nature Reserve is a success story for Cuba. The area had suffered severe deforestation and as a consequence living conditions for the inhabitants were very difficult. Careful planting and the construction of a reservoir resulted in the area being declared a UNESCO protected biosphere reserve.

A small tourist resort above the village of Las Terrazas and enterprises to encourage artisan skills within the community have made the area Cuba’s primary eco tourism project.

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More Information

Cuba is waiting to be discovered. Few tour operators know Cuba like the back of our hand! Whether you want to be join one of our escorted tours, travel independently or are looking for incentive destination or a holiday to accompany a congress or seminar, Interchange will take care of your every need contact us.

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