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Sue Weir, Retired Fellows of the Royal Society of Medicine tour to Portugal

We have just had a very enjoyable and successful trip to Oporto which was due mainly to the excellent planning which you and your agents arranged for us and to the excellent guide. 

Carlos de Oliveira was delightful, informed, caring and with a wide knowledge and love for his country and especially Oporto.  We all enjoyed his commentaries, his sense of humour and his ability to gauge the interest and abilities of the group. 

Should you have other groups going to Oporto I would highly recommend Carlos, who also does much touring in Portugal.

Thank you and all at Interchange for your help and planning with this programme.



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Sue Bond, South London school trip to China

Well, we made it and it was an excellent trip.... The choice of activities was really varied, especially with the extra cultural interchanges....We were met as planned by Jing, who was always very professional, helpful, pleasant and the girls liked him (always a bonus!)

I would advise everyone to either have a similar bright sweat shirt or at least a similar cap to facilitate recognition while travelling... The school visits were really very interesting... All an excellent trip and ....In 2 or 3 years time, we will no doubt be ready for the next one....Thank you and your staff again for your hard work.


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Surrey school visit to Beijing and Xian

The organisation of this trip was great....I have to say that our guide really made our trip. He was totally efficient, really pleasant and organised. Our students loved him....He even sang to us.

The tourist activities were just right and all so impressive....The school of excellence was just that....Lots of fun here, and such talent....At the Children’s Palace we joined in the fun with the children. Lovely children, so supportive parents and good eye opener for our pupils...Local people invited us into their homes and gave generously to us -quite humbling.

Maggie Hicks, Head of Music

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Bournemouth Law Society to Ukraine

Everything went as smoothly as possible and the group were entirely satisfied with their experience.

Bryan Keeping – group organiser/leader

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Charity Fundraising Project - Exploring China

The trip went really well....Fiona our guide was lovely. She was really helpful and very considerate in the way we spent our free time. She gave us lots of advice about where/where not to go....The driver was really helpful, and he ordered us our lunches on both days, which were superb.

The hotel was lovely and in a nice although very busy area....We ended up eating Italian both nights, as we were totally Chinesed out.

Many thanks again for all your help in organising what was a memorable trip....We are already discussing our next...Not sure where it will be, but we will contact....

Lyn Land

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The Foundation of International Education Group to Prague

The group had the best time ever in Prague this year. Everything went extremely smoothly and they could not commend the guide enough. Thank you for all your work on this booking. I appreciate it.

John M. Pearson
Vice President – Operations
Director of Experiential Education

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School Music Department Tour to China

We all returned from a really fabulous trip to China. We managed to fit an awful lot into one week and had a great time. What was especially appreciated by all of us was the chance to meet Chinese adults and children. Huge credit to the travel company – Interchange Travel– for making the trip so painless and for sending a superb China enthusiast and expert, Anne Martin – with us.

Richard Burks
Edgbarrow School

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Cultural Group Tour to Kiev, Ukraine

Excellent well planned programme with guides who went out of their way to make us welcome. When I tell friends that you arranged this holiday in such detail for such a small group they can’t believe me! Thank you very much.

Mrs. M Prince

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Cultural Tour to St Petersburg and Tallinn, Estonia

We all had a wonderful time; thank you again for all your help. We would be only to happy to have our name passed on to any school where staff might wish to talk about trips booked through you.

Joanna Leech
Modern Languages Department
Northampton High School

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Golfing Cultural Tours

We have enjoyed taking groups to Thailand and to Argentina with Interchange over the past few years and look forward to the next project that will be China!

Mickey Walker and Christine Holt

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Just to let you know that I and Carter father and son have returned safely from our Moscow-Murmansk-Moscow excursion which worked perfectly in every detail. Thank you very much for all the organisation that worked so well for us.

Regards - Phil Wilkinson

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We're just back from Menorca, and I thought I'd drop a line to say that everything worked out extremely well. Elena, our guide, was a star, the lunches wonderful, the weather estupendo, I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Looking forward to keeping in touch about Cuba.

Best wishes, Nick Coni

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Art & Design in China

Thanks again for all your help last year with our China trip. It was superbly organized and everyone had a fabulous time...

Hannah Denham, Leader of London school group.

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