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School Trips

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School Trips

Interchange was established in 1973, organising school trips and special interest group tours worldwide but with a particular focus on China, Cuba, the former Soviet Union and Latin America.

Our forte is our links with the schools in the chosen destinations so as well as experiencing how lessons are taught, pupils benefit from cultural exchange while new friendships are forged.

As soon as we receive your brief, we will start planning an itinerary that specifically suits the needs of your group. Our years of experience means that we fully understand the process that schools enter when organising overseas trips and the responsibility it places on teachers.

We will be with you at every step of the way before handing you over to one of our local destination tour guides who in turn is very experienced with school parties.

We pride ourselves for our excellent record of repeat business and often work with the same teachers as they move between year groups.

Art & Design - Sample Itineraries for: China, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia & Cuba

Business & Economics - Sample Itineraries for: China & Poland

Cookery - Sample Itinerary for: China

Geography - Sample Itineraries for: Guyana, Cuba, China & Colombia

General Interest - Sample Itinerary for: Ecuador

History - Sample Itineraries for: China, Cuba, Poland & Hungary

MFL - Sample Itintery for: Costa Rica

Music - Sample Itineraries for: China, Cuba, Russia & Austria

Performing Arts - Sample Itineraries for: China & Argentina

Photography - Sample Itinerary for: China

Science - Sample Itinerary for: China

Sport - Sample Itineraries for: Football in Brazil, Sport in Cuba, Sport in China & Martial Arts in China


Help us support Street Children Worldwide

Interchange Travelís†Charity of the Year is StreetInvest who support vulnerable and neglected street children around the world.

They do this through a network of trusted street workers who keep these children out of harmís way, help in whichever ways they accept, let them know that they have life options that they didn't think they had, make them realise that they are not worthless or hopeless and, most importantly, show them that they are not alone. Watch this video to learn more.

To support StreetInvest, Interchange takes £5 from each traveller's package cost and then adds £10. Crucially, this £15 is enough to keep a trustworthy adult in the life of one more street child for more than a year in the poorest of countries.

Please advise us if you would rather NOT make this £5 donation and we will deduct it from the travel cost.


Or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.